"Fashion Fades only style remains"

Coco Chanel

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Short, Shorter, & Shortest!!

For Spring/Summer 2010, fashion has been inspired by the legs! This season many women will be showing off those gorgeous, toned legs in boy shorts, hot pants, short shorts, and tap pants. The main difference between these styles are the hemlines. Woman who will wear these styles should be comfortable with their bodies, and should be well toned. Even though shorts are the trend this summer, balance is needed to make your look classy and not trashy.
At one point in time, hot pants were used for sporting purposes. This season hot pants are back alive, and are not just for sporting purposes, but will be worn by the most fashion forward women. I personally do not think that hot pants should be worn on a regular basis. If you plan to wear hot pants most of the upper body should be covered or you may look like you are wearing underpants. You may also want to think about fit because no one wants to have a camel toe. The hot pants look can really be pulled off at a beach party where you want to look sexy and stay dry at the same time.
Boy shorts and short shorts are a little longer and do not turn up the inner thigh like hot pants. These shorts should hug the bum, but again watch for the the fit in the front. Tap pants are alittle longer and more loose. Short styles can be paired with knee length socks, boots, or leggings. When wearing printed leggings or socks, you may want to wear shorts that have no print, so that shorts will pop and they can still be the focal point of your look.
Remember that real ladies never reveal to much, and should always give a guy something to dream about. By showing leg and adding a heel to raise the bum; you will be set! Shorts will come in many colors and prints; So don't be afraid to experiment with the different styles offered.

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