"Fashion Fades only style remains"

Coco Chanel

About Haute For U

Welcome to Haute For U

Fashion so cyclical but constantly evolving; It shows so much about a person- creativity, style, orginality, and lastly personality. Haute For U is a blog for Unique stylish women of all ages. The "U" stands for a unique unity of women utilizing fashion sense. Posts will feature fashion trends, style and beauty tips, online shopping sites, and other informative information related to the fashion industry.

My goal is to discuss the likes and dislikes about fashions, trends, runway shows, designers, beauty, and other related topics. This blog is designed for women to able to opinionate freely as well as learn from the various information posted on the site.

Every fashionista is welcomed to comment, and every comment is well appreiciated. So all of you beautiful ladies come participate in the lovely world of fashion.