"Fashion Fades only style remains"

Coco Chanel

Dressing Your Body

Dressing for your body type is important if you want to look and feel good about yourself. One dress can look different on one person’s body type, opposed to another type. When dressing your body type, many factors are considered. First, understand that body type has nothing to with size but is based on proportions. Other factors are silhouette, shape, balance, and color of the clothing intended. Another important factor is recognizing your own body. This means knowing your shape, skin tone, all attributes, and every flaw. There are four basic categories of a women’s body type. These shapes being the rectangle shape, the spoon shape, inverted triangle shape, and the hourglass shape.

The Rectangle
Women with a rectangle shape have a undefined waist and their bust and hips are the same circumferance. From my experience as merchandise coordinator; I think that these women would look nice in A-line skirts or dresses, maybe a wide leg or flared trousers. A nice flowing wrap may even do the trick. These type of pieces can make you look balanced. I would not recommend wearing pieces that hug or cling to the fiqure. Singer Pink is an example of a woman with a rectangle shape.

The Spoon
The spoon shape is also known as the pear shape. Women in this category have larger hips than bust. I think that they should refrain from wearing pieces that accent the hips. Instead wear pieces that will accent the top area of your body. Go for dresses that are accented at the top or dark colors to make you look slimmer. Try wearing darker colors on the bottom and lighter colors on the top. Some women with this shape are singers Beyonce and Rhianna.

The Inverted Triangle
Ladies with larger bust than hips should not where a lot of ruffles and fluff at the top. Instead where tight fitted tops or a dress that is fitted at the top and flares at the bottom. Also becasue you are top heavy I recommend that do not wear thin straped tops and please stay away from any high waisted pants. Try pieces that are shaped but not to tight. Think of Cameron Diaz.

The Hourglass
The hourglass figure is the best figure to have and every women wish that they had a defined waist with bust and hips at the same circumference. To you lucky ladies, your only goal is to accent those curves. Stay away from bulk, and high necklines. In fact you ladies can wear anything that defines the shape. It can be loose, or clingy fabrics or either fitted or semi-fitted. Salma Hayek is a perfect example of this shape.

Whatever your shape is, dressing that shape appropriately is an advantage that we all want to engage in. By wearing clothing that accentuates your curves, you will look and feel good about yourself. Always remember it is all about proportions and balance.